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Gaia Workspace Launches Calendar View, a New Feature for Easier Room & Desk Booking

Oct 11, 2022 | Company News

(WINDSOR, ONTARIO) Given that Hybrid Work Mode is going to be a trend, GaiaDigits continues to innovate with the launch of Gaia Workspace Calendar View, a new feature that enables admins and users complete room & desk booking with few clicks based on customers’ needs. Gaia Workspace Calendar View is very user-friendly, allowing admins and users to view multi-floors that basic floor maps cannot meet. Admins and users can also complete the booking with just drag and click. This brings more flexibility and convenience to our users.

  • Room & Desk schedule view (daily, weekly)
  • Room & Desk display with names, locations, participants, organizer, etc.
  • Room & Desk advance search with facilities needs
  • Room & Desk check-in & out
  • Azure synchronization group optimization
  • Multi-time zones list

“This would be a great step for Gaia Workspace,” said Cheng Ye, CEO of GaiaDigits, “we put efforts into developing a user-friendly calendar view to simplifying the whole process of room & desk booking. This gives more flexibility to our users and a clearer view when they book offices or desks. I believe this new feature will benefit people who are hybrid work followers.”

About GaiaDigits

GaiaDigits is a cloud-based Workspace Management company, located in Windsor. It aims to help businesses and organizations increase work efficiency, lower operation costs, and improve office utilization rates. Gaia Workspace features Room & Desk Booking, Employee Screening, Task Management, Visitor Management, and Visualized Dashboard. We are proud to be a fast-growing and multi-national company, with diverse cultures, a healthy working environment, and balanced work and life. We are committed to bringing more insights and value to you.

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