Solve Your Office Parking Problem

Gaia Workspace Parking feature revolutionizes the way you manage car parking bookings. Our advanced system enables you to effortlessly reserve your preferred parking spots, providing a seamless self-service experience that frees you from the burden of administrative tasks and complexities.

Flexible Car Parking Settings

Parking settings are organized by floor, allowing efficient management of parking spaces. Administrators have control over who can access and reserve parking spaces on each floor, ensuring parking aligns with your organization’s needs and policies.

Cutomize your car parking rules based on your needs

Set parking policies for different floors

Make car parking easier and more convenient for both employees and employers

Different Parking Types Available

The “Parking Type” feature on the “Office” page provides detailed information about parking spaces, helping employees in selecting spots that match their preferences and needs, ultimately enhancing parking efficiency by reducing confusion during selection.

Find your parking type with just a few clicks

Parking spots available if you have special needs

Improve office car parking efficiency and reduce confusion

When creating a work schedule for an organization, it can be difficult to establish an optimal schedule due to various complexities.

Book Parking Spots for Others

Gaia Workspace calendar syncs all your bookings, ensuring there are no duplicates and provides a clear view of your schedule. Users can conveniently modify or cancel bookings within the calendar.

Streamline all your schedules and bookings

Easily modify or cancel your bookings

Gain a visual overview of all your bookings and plans in one place

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