Streamline Your External & Venue Booking Process

Booking a room or space in your organization is a breeze with the link generated by the Gaia Workspace System. The Gaia External Booking function offers a user-friendly solution for easy scheduling, organizing, and managing events and facility rentals.

Generate a link easily for anyone to schedule

Admins can turn on the External Booking function in Gaia Workspace. An External Booking link will be generated. The generated External Booking link can be shared with anyone, regardless of whether they are part of the organization or not.

Automate the link generation process

Transparent room rates and pricing rules

Improve communication and engagement between vendors and customers

Manage room price and orders with flexibility

Gaia Workspace provides flexible management of pricing rules for each room. Users can book venues based on their requirements and easily place orders. Admins have the ability to manage orders effortlessly.

Effortlessly handle and oversee all your room orders through our intuitive interface

Seamlessly customize pricing modules to meet specific requirements and adapt to diverse scenarios

Achieve greater financial efficiency by leveraging Gaia Workspace's advanced cost management features

When creating a work schedule for an organization, it can be difficult to establish an optimal schedule due to various complexities.

Sync your booking on Gaia Workspace Calendar

Gaia Workspace calendar syncs all your bookings and orders, ensuring there are no duplicates and providing a clear view of your schedule. Users can conveniently modify or cancel orders within the calendar.

Streamline all your schedules and bookings

Easily modify or cancel your orders

Gain a visual overview of all your bookings and plans in one place

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