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Maximize your smart office’s efficiency with Gaia Workspace, an all-in-one solution for desk and office, workspace and visitor management. Our platform offers desk and room booking, external booking, office car parking, and analytics for optimized workspace utilization. Work smarter and reduce your workload with Gaia Workspace.

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Make Meetings and Scheduling Easier
than Ever with Gaia Workspace

Optimize workspace scheduling procedures

Gaia Workspace is the perfect solution for optimizing your office workspace scheduling procedures. Our platform digitizes your room and desk schedules, reducing administration and eliminating wasted time.

Data helps people make better decisions

Gaia Workspace visualized analytics dashboard provides a clear understanding of office utilization rate and capacity so that you can make better decisions about your office usage.

Automate external booking process

Guests could book rooms based on their needs. By enabling the external reservation switch, administrators can effortlessly generate a unique reservation link for users to book the space they need.

Right Solution For Your Smart Workspace Management

Right Solution for Your Flexible Office Workspace

Gaia Workspace is your best workspace management platform, providing flexibility and simplicity for all your booking and tracking processes in one user-friendly solution. Our platform offers room booking, personal or shared desk reservations, external booking, office car parking, and analytics. Employees and users can access bookings on the go, and our platform is integrated with Microsoft Teams for easy communication.

Room Booking

Get a comprehensive view of all your meetings by utilizing calendar tools that are already familiar to your teams.

Desk Booking

A simplified desk booking process. Hot-desking brings people convenience and flexibility between remote work and coworking spaces.

Visualized Analytics

Gaia visualized dashboard tracks, analyzes, and displays most statistics you need. It gives you a better experience in your Hybrid Work.

External Booking

Empower organizations to streamline bookings by allowing external individuals to schedule and access the facilities through the Gaia Workspace platform

Office Car Parking

Employees and managers have access to office car parking reservation systems and make bookings easier. People can also book parking spot for others.

Workspace Wellbeing

Fill out a survey to better understand the wellbeing of your workplace and create a healthier environment.

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Simplify your space, desk, and car parking scheduling process and improve efficiency

Set up flexible Room & Desk Booking for your workspace

Our GaiaDigits workspace provides real-time updates, interactive floor maps, and notifications for a more convenient and flexible booking and scheduling experience.

Find and reserve your space/desk in seconds

Real-time update & notification about schedule

Display an interactive floor map

Manage your bookings on the go

Make your meetings easier with GaiaDigits Workspace Calendar View

Efficiently manage your office space with GaiaDigits Workspace’s calendar view feature. Book desks and office spaces quickly, and save time and money.

Complete bookings with just drag and clicks

Book rooms quicker with each room's preview

Save time & money on automating booking process

Integrated with Microsoft Teams

Make smarter decisions about your workspace

Gain insights with GaiaDigits Workspace’s analytics feature. Visualize workspace utilization, display upcoming schedules, and office attendance.

Visualize utilization rate and capacity in your workspace

Display a room/desk's upcoming schedule

Keep a track of people who come to office and who don't

Improve utilization rate and stop paying empty rent

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What do customers say about Gaia Workspace…

“We use it for desk booking and so far, we have had great success with the software, and with integrating it within our workplace to the employees. The recent updates done have dealt with the most frequent questions I get, “when and where did I book.”

– Adrian M.
Administration Coordinator

“It has been very easy transition to Gaia Workspace. The support from the team has been amazing. They have worked with us every step of the way to ensure the product works the way we need it to. They are quick to respond and have made a great looking, easy to use product.”

 – Mark T.
Technology Support

“They have curated the perfect space for our meeting & make a beautiful meeting room. We can plan the meeting ahead. They provide updates on the event planning through notification. The client & member were satisfied with the way to deal the matter for us.”

MD Abu K.

Chief Marketing Officer

“Booking Made Easy. User friendly. Clean. The ability to track and book spaces easily.

– Toya M.
Academic Coordinator

“Communication with Gaia worked excellently, despite the different time zone. They immediately took care of solving the problem and gave us excellent support.”


“Excellent, user-friendly, functional, reliable & aesthetic! Highly-recommend and a must-have!”

– Nusaibah Husain
Office Coordinator