Workplace and Visitor Management

Gaia Workspace

Gaia Workspace features employee and visitor screening, maintenance and sanitization tracking, appointment, and room bookings. It simplifies all your screening, tracking, and booking process into one user-friendly solution. With a simple user experience, Gaia Workspaces makes your workspace neat and effortless.

Workforce Management

Gaia Workforce Management

Gaia WFM suite is an all-in-one workforce management for different businesses, consisting of Core HR, Employee Scheduling, Time & Attendance, Leave Management, Workforce Analytics, and Workforce Mobile. It helps businesses and organizations increase work efficiency, lower labour costs, improve employee satisfaction and avoid compliance risks.
Gaia WFM Suite is a leader in Core HR on G2
Gaia WFM Suite is a leader in Enterprise Employee Scheduling on G2
Gaia WFM Suite is a leader in Enterprise Workforce Management on G2
Gaia WFM Suite is a leader in Workforce Management on G2

Our Values

Making a Difference

We are committed to making a positive difference in your workplace with software that enhances your overall workday experience.

Honest Integrity

We believe a true work ethic that includes sound judgment, honesty, dependability, and loyalty could increase employee engagement.

Delivering Quality

We are devoted to the fitness of purpose concept. We also exercise and test hours of time to assure our product will fit the needs of your workplace.

Balanced Lifestyle

We advocate respect for balancing your life with work. Our software is engineered to create a balance between home and work.

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