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Gaia Workspace is a flexible space and visitor management solution, featuring room & desk booking, employee screening, vaccine & test tracking, task management, visitor management, and analytics. Gaia streamlines your workplace scheduling and keeps your work productive and efficient.

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A simple yet powerful solution meets your needs

Optimize workspace scheduling procedures

Gaia Workspace digitizes your room and desk schedules. It helps reduce administration and eliminates wasted time. Just enjoy what automation brings you.

Ensure employee and workspace safety

Safety goes first. Gaia protects employees by self-screening prior to entering the building. Gaia vaccine and test tracking help people manage all the records in one place.

Automate visiting management process

Gaia visitor management allows you warmly welcome your guests without any concerns. It saves both host and guests’ time while making this meeting more expressive.

Right Solution For Your Hybrid Working Mode

Your Best Workspace Management Assistant

Gaia Workspaces makes your workspace flexible and effortless. It simplifies all your booking and tracking processes into one user-friendly solution.

Room Booking

Personal or shared rooms reservation in moments. Employees and visitors can access bookings on the go.

Desk Booking

A simplified desk booking process. Hot-desking brings people convenience and flexibility between remote work and coworking spaces.

Visualized Analytics

Gaia visualized dashboard tracks, analyzes, and displays most statistics you need. It gives you a better experience in your Hybrid Work.

Workspace Safety

Fill out a survey to better understand the wellbeing of your workplace; Vaccination history can also be tracked in one place.

Visitor Management

Keep a track of the people who visit your location so that you can give them a smooth welcome

Task Management

Employees can simply scan the QR code or access code to report sanitization records for management approvals.

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Room & Desk Booking: Simplify your space and desk scheduling process and improve productivity

Gaia Room & Desk Booking is a room, space, and desk reservation tool. It allows you to deploy flexibility, maximize resource utilization, improve department collaboration, and implement a hybrid workspace model.

Book your meeting rooms in a few clicks.

Real-time updates on booking process

Manage your bookings on the go

Visualized and centralize your dashboard

Screening delivers a safe and confident ambiance

Gaia Workspace Screening is a web and mobile-friendly self-assessment tool to help protect business and their visitors from the spread of COVID-19.

Screening before entering the building

Stay up to date with public health guidelines

Email alert and dashboard with daily snapshots

Task management system

Employees can simply scan the QR code or insert a store ID to report sanitization report to managers to get approval.

Paperless tracking process

Real-time and automatic notifications

Higher efficiency and employee engagement

Make your visit and host seamless

Gaia Visitor Management provides you with everything you need to welcome your visitors. It saves your time while impressing your visitors.

Check in and out without contact and concern

Give you a better idea of the visitors who visit you

Welcome your visitors warmly and smoothly

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What do customers say about Gaia Workspace……

“We find the system convenient to use and the administration is very practical and well organized.”


Michael J. Ryan

Facility Manager

"GaiaDigits helped our organization get set up as we were quickly making the Free Rapid Test Kits available to the Business Community. They explained the QR code with ease, and it was effortless to initiate."


– Wendy P.

"GaiaDigits has helped my staff quickly manage and keep track of our conference center guests' vaccination status. The software is easy to use and convenient for our guests: overall great product and customer service!"


– Jorge Alcocer

Food Services Director from St. Anne’s

Family Service

“Gaia WorkSpace has made reporting and compliance with Covid-19 government requirements a seamless process at an affordable price. Built-in features, including email notification of an employee’s failure to pass screening, lessens the chance of missing a possible risk. Great communication and updates make GaiaScreen a smart choice.”


Kathleen Westlake

"Excellent, user-friendly, functional, reliable & aesthetic! Highly-recommend and a must-have!"

– Nusaibah Husain
Entrepreneurship, Practice & Innovation Centre