Streamlined & Secure Visitor Management

Gaia Workspace Visitor Management is designed to streamline and enhance the process of managing visitors to a facility or organization. Our goal is to improve security, efficiency, and overall visitor experience. We prioritize simplicity, security, and real-time visibility to redefine the way you handle guests. Our visitor management system provides an overview of all current visitors, allowing you to monitor who is on-site at any given moment. 

Why choose Gaia Workspace Visitor Management?

Security First

Prioritize the safety of your workspace with instant notifications and controlled access.


A simple and intuitive interface ensures a seamless experience for both visitors and staff.


Tailor the system to your specific needs, from workspace access levels to data collection.

Compliance Ready

Stay ahead of compliance requirements with accurate and easily accessible visitor records.

Right Solution for Your Visitor Management

Effortless Entry

Effortless Entry redefines visitor management, blending seamless access control with automated registration for secure, welcoming, and efficient check-ins.

Badge Printing

Transforming identification with swift, automated solutions, ensuring secure access and streamlined processes for a seamless and professional experience.

Tablet Access

Revolutionizing convenience and security with user-friendly interfaces, providing seamless and efficient access control for modern, connected environments.

Real-time Alerts

Elevating security with instant notifications, ensuring proactive response and timely intervention for a safer and more responsive environment.

Precision Record-keeping

Redefining accuracy in data management, ensuring meticulous and efficient record-keeping for enhanced organization, compliance, and operational excellence.

Dynamic Workspace Insight

Empowering efficient monitoring and adaptability, fostering a responsive, agile environment for optimal workspace utilization and productivity.

Experience the future of visitor management with Gaia Workspace. Elevate your workspace security and efficiency today.

Effortless Entry

Simplify the guest experience with our user-friendly sign-in process, ensuring a swift and seamless check-in for every visitor.

Badge Printing

Tablet Access

Real-time Alerts

Dynamic Workspace Insight

Take charge of your environment by enjoying real-time insights into visitor activity. Customize access levels for a controlled and secure workspace.

Compliance & Accountability

Automatic Updates

Precise Record-keeping

Trusted by Leading Companies and Organizations

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What do customers say about Gaia Workspace…

“We use it for desk booking and so far, we have had great success with the software, and with integrating it within our workplace to the employees. The recent updates done have dealt with the most frequent questions I get, “when and where did I book.”

– Adrian M.
Administration Coordinator

“It has been very easy transition to Gaia Workspace. The support from the team has been amazing. They have worked with us every step of the way to ensure the product works the way we need it to. They are quick to respond and have made a great looking, easy to use product.”

 – Mark T.
Technology Support

“They have curated the perfect space for our meeting & make a beautiful meeting room. We can plan the meeting ahead. They provide updates on the event planning through notification. The client & member were satisfied with the way to deal the matter for us.”

MD Abu K.

Chief Marketing Officer

“Booking Made Easy. User friendly. Clean. The ability to track and book spaces easily.

– Toya M.
Academic Coordinator

“Communication with Gaia worked excellently, despite the different time zone. They immediately took care of solving the problem and gave us excellent support.”


“Excellent, user-friendly, functional, reliable & aesthetic! Highly-recommend and a must-have!”

– Nusaibah Husain
Office Coordinator