Workforce Mobile

Workforce, anywhere.

Workforce Mobile is a comprehensive WFM solution running on your smart phone. It allows employees to access their schedules, submit a leave application, and complete other WFM functions on the go. It is designed for different levels of staff including managers, HRs, and employees with multiple solutions to punch in/out and boasts interactive views and processes.

Leave Balance

Employees can easily check their leave balance right on the homepage.


Shift Swap

Employees can apply for shift swaps on their cell phones to better manage their time.


Support Management

Managers can request assistance from other departments right from the mobile application.



Employees and managers can easily update their availability for scheduling anytime, anywhere.


Attendance Summary

Employees can view a quick breakdown of their upcoming shifts and see their attendance summary for the current cycle.



Employees will receive notifications whenever there is a new schedule, an update of request, or an announcement from management.

Powerful functions, right at your fingertips.

Mobile Punch & Applications

  • We support multiple ways of punching including GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and QR code.
  • Employees can send leave, overtime, travel, and exception applications
  • Managers can view and response to employee applications

Schedule & Calendar

  • All personnel can review personal schedule
  • Managers can review their own as well as their team’s schedule
  • Employee’s can easily swap their shift with a co-worker, with approval of course

Easy, Powerful, Mobile.

Employee self-service

Manager self-service

Android & iOS

Prevent buddy-punch

Compatible with other HCM/ERP/Payroll 

WFM in your pocket.

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