Time & Attendance

Where you can save time and cost

Gaia WFM Time & Attendance can simplify attendance processes, control operating costs, and improve the overall efficiency of organizations. Since managers and staff can preform tasks on the web or mobile, our solution will significantly reduce HRs’ daily workload, enabling them to focus on more productive business tasks.

Workforce Account

We sync working hours, punching data, and attendance for improved results to help to track employees’ attendance behaviors and working hour preferences.



Customize all kinds of rules and priorities for real-time calculation, release, and validation. Employees can view time off balance and approval status.



Employees get verification of shift punch in real-time, and submission of irregularities (missed punch in or late) for management approval.



Employees can review punch exceptions and communicate with HR in a timely manner.


Support Management

Easily complete shift schedules for support staff working in different stores and sharing the cost between stores.


Time in Lieu

Applicable to the off-peak business period and available for the arrangement of employees to fill shifts when necessary.


Every second counts, never miss it.

Time Capture

  • Punch using supported time clock devices, our mobile application, or web portal.
  • We support punch by Bluetooth, WiFi, QR Code, and Geo-fence location through our mobile app.
  • Information is updated in real-time from all channels, so you’ll never miss a beat.

Employee Timecard

  • Records are color coded to let you know visually if there are any abnormalities.
  • All changes are recorded, so every action is traceable.
  • Timecard Approval allows managers/HR to approve employee timesheets with one click.

Simple, Efficient, Flexible.

Employee self-service

Manager self-service


User-friendly and customizable

Easy ways to attach documentation

Compatible with other HCM/ERP/Payroll 

Overtime Management

Let us do the hard work for you. Our overtime module takes compliance rules into account while automatically accumulating overtime and payment hours, making managers lives easier.

Successful Cases

GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare was found in 1996, located in Wuxi with $9.9 billion registration capital and $ 19.6 billion total investment. Here are the significant achievements after the implementation of GaiaDigits WFM:

  1. Transfer management manually to systematic, real-time & automated management;
  2. Working-hour calculations become more accurate;
  3. Eliminate buddy punch & Standardize management;
  4. Quickly generate various work reports to provide a reference for decision-making.

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