Gaia WFM for Public Sector

Manage your workforce by scheduling efficiently and transparently

Gaia WFM Stands with Government

Public sector is always a key part of any community and workforce management plays an essential role in improving employees’ efficiency. Gaia WFM helps employers spend less time spent on administrative work and more transparent workforce management. It helps improve the productivity and minimize the resources for public sectors.

Are you experiencing the following challenges or conditions?

  • Need professional insights
  • Lack of unified management
  • Low staff engagement
  • Heavy workload for leave management
  • Repetitive work on scheduling

If you are in one or more conditions, then we encourage you to know more about how Gaia WFM can help your retail business.

Why Gaia WFM for the public sector?

Transparent scheduling

Generate visualized and efficient schedules to alleviate some pressure on scheduling and let you focus more time on great things


Make decisions based on analytics

Gaia WFM analytics data can guide your organization on the right direction and provide sharpened insights on decision makings.

Minimized compliance risks

Minimize the compliance risks. Ensure your rosters are in line with your employee’s agreements and government regulations.


Engage your staff

Always stand with staff by using direct and interactive communications. Create a highly engaged workforce to drive better results.

How does Gaia WFM benefit public organizations?

Gaia WFM solutions enable all departments of public organization to manage their workforce with more resources, like forecast scheduling, multiple punching methods, task management, analytics and reports.

With Gaia WFM, Public sectors can improve their efficiency, reduce staff’s workload, lower operation costs, engage more employees and drive the whole organization to newer heights.

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