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New Feature Announcement: Workspace Car Park Management – The Smart Way to Solve Your Office Parking Problems

Sep 1, 2023 | Company News

[WINDSOR, September 1] – Gaia Workspace, a leading provider of workspace management solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its latest feature, Workspace Car Parking. The Gaia Workspace platform offers a transformative solution by eliminating the need for labor-intensive manual management of car park bookings. Our innovative system empowers users to effortlessly reserve their preferred parking spots through a seamless self-service process, freeing you from the burdensome load of administrative overhead.

Car Park Setting on Each Floor

In this system, a car park setting is now available on each floor of the parking facility. This means that parking settings can be divided by floors or levels, making it easier to manage parking spaces efficiently. Admin Authorization: Administrators have the authority to manage parking spaces on each floor. They can decide who has access to reserve parking spaces. This level of control ensures that parking is organized according to your organization’s needs. Reservation Control: Admins can also determine who can reserve parking spaces on a particular floor. This might involve designating certain floors for specific departments, employees, or visitors, depending on the organization’s parking policy.

Parking Type Available in the “Office” Page

The introduction of “Parking Type” on the “Office” page is a feature that provides additional information about the nature of parking spaces. This information can include details like whether a parking spot is reserved or any other category that helps users choose the most suitable parking space. It enhances user experience by allowing employees to select parking spaces that match their needs, thus reducing confusion and improving overall parking efficiency.

Functional Permissions for Booking Parking for Others

This feature allows individuals with functional permissions, typically administrative or managerial staff, to book parking spots on behalf of others. For example, if an executive assistant is responsible for arranging parking for a group of employees, they can use this functionality to reserve parking spaces for them. This is particularly useful for streamlining the parking reservation process, ensuring that high-demand parking spaces are allocated effectively, and reducing the burden on individual employees to manage their parking needs.

These enhancements collectively contribute to a more efficient and organized parking management system, allowing administrators to have better control over parking allocation, providing users with more information to make informed parking choices, and facilitating the delegation of parking reservations for the convenience of employees and visitors.