Intelligent Schedule

Let our advanced A.I. do the work for you

Intelligent Schedule eliminates manual processes with our reliable forecasting and scheduling algorithm. The module runs well-optimized schedules which achieve optimum service levels based on business demand, and other complex factors such as compliance rules, employee skills, required certificates, availability and much more.

Optimization Target

Set a custom target that our algorithm will tailor the schedule to meet. An example target would be Cost Saving.


Skills & Certificates

Our AI will assign the best employee for the job based on their skills & certificates. You can make certificates required for certain tasks.



Since we offer a powerful availability platform, our algorithm will only section employees that are available for shifts.

Scheduling Trends

Compare the differences between shift data and shift demand to properly allocate time slots.


Compliance Assistance

Automated monitoring and notification of compliance and breach of rule to prevent costly risks.


Import & Export

Upload your schedule from integrated external system or by template file. Easily export and save your schedule with one click.

Schedule for any scenario.

Labour Demand

  • Tasks and number of personnel are generated by our AI based on historical data including transactions, customers, etc.
  • View and edit the tasks, as well as the number of people to be assigned to each task
  • The data can be exported for record keeping

Shift Demand

  • Create a custom shift template for us to fill out
  • Edit the tasks assigned to shifts, as well as the headcount for each block
  • Easily switch between templates

Smart, Powerful, Effective.

Powerful AI

Learns from historical data

Labor Forecast


Complience checks

Import data from retail traffic counter etc.

Business Forecast & Schedule Optimization

Our Gaia Algorithm Cloud takes various important variables into consideration such as passenger flow, geography, climate, etc. when generating the Business Forecast. This Businesses Forecast is an estimate of the expected workload for the next scheduling interval.

Gaia Algorithm Cloud will then take the Business Forecast or provided shift template, and create the schedule. In the figure below, we can see how our various algorithms smooth out the data step by step, until there is a completed timetable.

Powerful scheduling automation with business forecasts and shifts optimization. It works with complex factors, compliance, skills, availability and more.

Successful Cases

CapitaLand Group

The CapitaLand Group is one of the largest Real Estate groups in Asia, Its HQ and listing is in Singapore. The Group’s Real Estate and Real Estate fund management operations concentrated in the core markets of Singapore and China.

The Group’s Real Estate business is diversified, including residential, office buildings, shopping malls, service-orientated apartments and integrated properties. GaiaDigits is helping CapitaLand Group to effectively manage their many property staff groups and deploy them efficiently.

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