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Gaia Workspace Unveils New “Approval” Feature!

Nov 27, 2023 | Company News

[WINDSOR, November 27, 2023] Exciting news! Gaia Workspace is thrilled to introduce our latest feature: “Approval.” Elevate your workspace management experience with this robust addition, designed to streamline the approval process for room and desk reservations. Let’s explore the key highlights and the straightforward process to harness this feature.


1. Setting-Approval Switch: Easily manage the approval process with a simple toggle switch in your workspace settings. Take control of when and how approvals are applied.

    1. Crafting an Approval Workflow: Initiate a new approval workflow effortlessly in two steps:

    Step 1: Define the approval flow by setting a name, selecting rooms or desks, specifying time intervals, determining stay durations, assigning approval administrators, and providing detailed instructions.

    Step 2: Configure approval personnel with support for up to two levels of approvers.

    3. Configurable Approval Types: Tailor the approval process to your workflow preferences:

    • Choose between manual and automatic approval types.
    • Set approval personnel and their valid timeframes.
    • Decide on automatic approval in the absence of approvers or delegate to approval administrators.
    • Define how the system handles requests when the approver is the requester, including specifying approval note requirements.
    1. Approval Dashboard for Approvers: Approvers gain a dedicated Approval page:
    • Manage pending and approved records seamlessly.
    • Customize the experience by switching between list and card views.
    1. Detailed Reservation Information: Click on a list item to access comprehensive details about each reservation, offering insight into the booking specifics.
    1. New “My Booking” Page: Access a centralized hub for all your booking records:
    • Review and keep track of past and upcoming reservations conveniently.


    We believe the Approval feature adds flexibility and control to your workspace management, ensuring a smooth and efficient reservation process for all users. Dive into these new functionalities and share your thoughts with us! Thank everyone for being a part of the Gaia Workspace journey.