Workforce Analytics

Discover the unknown.

Powered by Microsoft Power BI, our Workforce Analytics module provides access to real-time data, rich indexes, and strong analytical functions. Workforce Analytics can dive deep into your existing data to help decision-makers make even smarter choices. Managers can customize dynamic reports, access real-time schedules, view attendance, workforce life cycles, and trends.

Cost Control

Locate potential risks and optimize resources in workforce management to reduce overall costs.

Improve Workforce Efficiency

Automated calculation of KPI and report distribution for managers enabling timely problem solving, improving workforce efficiency.

Future Insights

Insight into annual ROI through workforce analysis allows reports of future workforce demands and supports recommendations.

Access Clearance

Based on role, different level of management can have access to or be restricted to certain reports.

Report Summary

Modules come with a summary analysis to provide a quick breakdown of the data

Export Data

Export and save data from any chart with one click for easy record keeping

Interactive charts

Smart, Efficient, Flexible.






Extrememly detailed

Make smarter decisons

Powerful is an understatement.

The preset analytics index and reports support cross-module analytics. Managers can also view reports based on key information from each module. All while the charts are colourful, interactive and come with the ability to drill down to see more detailed information.

Successful Cases

Canadian Solar

In the wake of digital transformation, Canadian Solar needed to improve the level of engagement with manufacturers, and empowering their employees was the key to achieving this. We aimed to improve employee satisfaction and engagement, while improving overall productivity. With GaiaDigits WFM Cloud Services, Canadian Solar has accomplished this objective, and because of that, they stand out from the competition.

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