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The Launch of A New Service to Keep Employees Health and Safe

May 11, 2020 | Company News

GaiaDigits Inc. is excited to announce the launch of GaiaScreen application, which is a key step in the GaiaDigits’ development road and a significant enhancement within COVID-19 worldwide pandemic environment. GaiaScreen, a health status self-screening application, is designed for businesses impacted by COVID-19 during this uncertain time. Employees can self-assess with questions and sync the information with management instantly. The mangers can remind the people with potential symptoms for self isolation and change the schedules to handle the workforce shortage. GaiaScreen aims to work with employers and employees to better understand pandemic and get prepared for unpredictable situations. The application is available now at and it is free of charge for 60 days. Please click the link to know more information or contact for further details.