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STER-OL Infection Control Specialist Partners with GaiaDigits COVID Screening Tool to Provide Stronger Health & Safety Services to Businesses

Feb 8, 2021 | Company News

(MARKHAM, ONTARIO) – STER-OL Infection Control Specialist is excited to announce its partnership with GaiaDigits to provide sterilization and decontamination services alongside the company’s latest GaiaScreen 2.0 health screening tool to help Canadian workers and during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“STER-OL Infection Control and GaiaScreen are working toward the same end goals – the health and safety of our clients while minimizing their business interruption,” said Peter Sandica, President and CEO of STER-OL infection Control Specialist. “We are both essential for all businesses during these unprecedented times.”

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Recognizing that employee health would be paramount if Canadian businesses were going to safely reopen, in November 2020 GaiaDigits announced the launch of GaiaScreen 2.0, a new COVID employee assessment application completely redesigned from the ground up to help track employee health conditions during the pandemic. The Windsor-based company sees GaiaScreen 2.0 as a frontline tool for employees across the Canadian workforce.

“GaiaScreen is being used by many of the leading organizations in the world for employees’ health screening and analytics,” said Mr. Ye, President of GaiaDigits in a news release announcing the new tool. “The GaiaScreen 2.0, with more powerful features, will enable our customers to face the pandemic in a new way and lead to safer types of work.”

That’s what makes this new partnership with STER-OL so powerful. Together with the new GaiaScreen 2.0 app, STER-OL is now able to offer decontamination services alongside GaiaDigits’ employee contact tracing tools. This will allow Canadian workers to identify potential symptoms and companies to properly manage scheduling, helping to avoid outbreaks, slowdowns, and service interruptions.

Should an emergency situation arise, STER-OL has the infrastructure to respond to the situation within 1-2 hours of a call in the Greater Toronto Area, quickly neutralizing an outbreak and allowing the client to reopen immediately after the sterilization process.

“If businesses want their facilities to run optimally, without costly interruptions, while working with regulated restrictions – they have to think strategically,” said Sandica. “By having both a vetted Infection Control company and an employee tracing tool in place, businesses can provide a healthier working environment, trace employees with potential symptoms, and properly manage the schedule and continue the workflow. 

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GaiaDigits is a Cloud based WFM solution company with new operations set up in Windsor, Ontario, Canada in 2019. GaiaDigits has helped many Fortune 500 companies to improve efficiency in significant ways. Gaia WFM suite offers Core HR, Time & Attendance, Business Forecast, Smart Scheduler, Workforce Analytics and Workforce Mobile. To build on Gaia WFM, GaiaDigits also developed GaiaScreen 2.0, a COVID health screening application to protect employees’ safety. Our solution has helped our customers keep safe, eliminate repetitive work, improve efficiency, and enable people to focus on more valuable and innovative things. For more information: