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New Partnership: GaiaDigits and RetailNext Collaboration to Deliver a High-Quality Workforce Management Solution

Sep 30, 2020 | Company News

Windsor, ON, September 30, 2020

We are pleased to announce that GaiaDigits Inc., one of the outstanding workforce management solution providers in Canada, has established partnership with RetailNext, a worldwide market leader and expert in retail analytics.

Retail Management is one of the key industries that benefits the most from a workforce management solution to help improve efficiency and reduce operation costs.  We’re all aware of how all walks of life have been changed profoundly in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  This Pandemic is not over, and Covid-19 will keep impacting the world long-term, especially for retailers. This transformation brings a “new norm” of social distancing, revealing the importance and necessity of workforce management technology. Cloud-based WFM solutions provide possibilities of business forecast scheduling, remote shift swap, touch-free clock-in & out and more for retailers and their HR professionals to overcome the COVID-19 challenges.

Global enterprises and organizations are dedicated to improvising and developing solutions to improve their business efficiency with cost-effective operations. Businesses need to better manage their employees with a more transparent and flexible platform to secure data and improve retail efficiency. In this partnership, stakeholders will benefit from having more options to address their specific situations, while leveraging RetailNext’s extensive expertise and GaiaDigits’ progressive technology. Partnering with RetailNext, GaiaDigits hopes to provide higher quality and professional services for our existing and potential customers.

About GaiaDigits

GaiaDigits is a Cloud based WFM solution company with new operations set up in Windsor, Ontario, Canada in 2019. In the past 10 years, GaiaDigits has focused its business in APAC and has helped many Fortune 500 companies to improve efficiency in significant ways. In the GaiaDigits WFM suite, you can find Core HR, Time & Attendance, Business Forecasting, Smart Scheduler, Workforce Analytics, Workforce Mobile and more to maximize your business. Our solution has helped customers eliminate repetitive work, improve efficiency, and enable people to focus on more valuable and innovative action plans.

About RetailNext

The first retail vertical IoT platform to bring eCommerce-style shopper analytics to brick-and-mortar stores. RetailNext is the world-wide market leader and expert in smart store retail analytics for optimizing shopper experiences and brand performance for retailers, malls and manufacturers. Through its centralized SaaS platform, RetailNext automatically collects and analyzes shopper behavior data, providing retailers with insight to improve the shopper experience in real time.

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