Core HR

Manage your employee data all in one place

GaiaDigits Core HR helps companies and organizations automate HR processes and workflows, increase efficiency, and improve the overall experience with an all-in-one lifecycle management platform.

Contract Management

New employees can review and sign their contracts on a mobile application. HRs can track and manage contracts via Core HR.


Organize all your positions, jobs, and location information. Keep track of the details in the way you want.


Easily track training and certifications to ensure employees have the required skillsets for their job.

Reporting Line

Set up employees reporting line, so you can keep track of this on an individual basis. This will tie into the employee’s workflow approval process

Business Role

Easily keep track of the important roles in each organization level. You can define who is the manager/HR/etc. for each entity.


Type of Employment

We support several different categories of employment so you can manage full-time employees, part-time, contractors, etc. all in one place.


Manage your employee information with ease.

Simple, Efficient, Flexible.

Employee self-service

Manager self-service


User-friendly and customizable

Easy ways to attach documentation

Compatible with other HCM/ERP/Payroll 

Employee Timeline

GaiaDigits integrates HR information with talent information (succession, performance, etc.) in two ways – business flow and personnel flow. Managers can track employee status, transformation, probation start/end, promotion, resignation and much more in real-time.

Customize fields and layouts to keep track of the information you need.

Powerful, Easy, Configurable.

Editable information fields

Multilingual interface support is provided

Manage employee information by grouping

Customizable layouts and fields

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Workforce Mobile

Access schedules, manage leave application, and complete all other WFM functions on your mobile phone.

Employee Scheduling

An intuitive and advanced scheduling platform. Create schedules for multiple organizations with ease

Time & Attendance

A powerful time reporting platform. Improve your attendance workflow and increase efficiency, cutting time and cost.